The Business Incubator Center helps students and graduates who have innovative ideas and inventions to create and grow businesses and startups. Our role is to provide appropriate support to develop these innovative ideas and inventions through an ideal entrepreneurial environment with strong inter-institutional partnerships with other ecosystem enablers.

If you have an idea and the time and energy to start your own business, the Business Incubator Center can support you through your entrepreneurial journey.
It is very simple to get involved in the center; you can come along and see what we do. We are happy to meet you in person to discuss your idea and how we think we might be able to help.



Awareness and Discovery

During this phase, we organize many awareness rising events where you get the opportunity to network with successful startups and Bahrain’s startup ecosystem.  We will get to know you better and discover your entrepreneurial traits and will be able to guide you to start your own business in the next phase.


During this phase, we focus on getting you ready to pitch to investors. We run training and workshops and we have a space where you can come and work with other teams who are also on the entrepreneurial journey. We then help you look at the market in more depth to work out what your initial target market will be and, more importantly, why? We will also ask our partners from the startup ecosystem to help in setting your targets. These will be at the heart of any pitch you do for investors. Finally, we will do some market testing to check your assumptions through using techniques to test if people will really be interested and validate your business plans. Then we will help you pull it all together into a pitch package to share with an investor panel. The canvas, the pitch, the numbers and, of course, you – the team.


This is where it gets serious. To get into Phase 3 we need you to sign an Incubation Contract with us. Through the contact you will be able to issue a Commercial Registration that will enable you establish your startup company. Through the contract, we commit to support you with all our the services for minimum fee.

Alongside product/service development you’ll also be continuing to access workshops and seminars to support your development.


After a year with us, you should be in good shape and ready to take on some more significant investment. You may also be looking for your own office by this stage too. We don’t cut the ties, you’ll always be one of us! We’re happy to continue to connect you in our network and we hope you’ll come back and hang out with us at our events and social gatherings. We will definitely invite you to inspire others at the university and share your entrepreneurial journey.


To learn more about the process or for general questions