Hamad Al Saad

CEO and Founder

Hamad’s journey started since 2010, using his transformational programs, he is working to improve the lives of his clients to be woke, more mindful and aware so that they live a richer, happier life, towards prosperity & longevity.

With it, he created his own original brand (THE NOURISHER) which spiked up his presence on social media “IG handle: thenourisherbh” with multiple appearance on national TV, magazine articles, numerous cooperate wellness programs, and public talks.

His unique edge of holistic approach to addresses all aspects that contribute to a person’s life or an organization to create balance, a healthier lifestyle and environment. His main line of work includes mental fitness, weight, stress & anger management, emotional intelligence and self-love.

To further his services, he founded (THE NOURISHERS) a platform which interlinks all professionals within the health & wellness field to work together to enhance and educate the mass majority to build a healthier and happier community.