The University of Bahrain Business Incubator introduces its students to the experiences of prominent entrepreneurs

The Business Incubator Centre at the University of Bahrain has recently established a series of meetings with Bahraini and global entrepreneurs, with the aim of introducing university students to the entrepreneurial journey of several prominent entrepreneurs, to benefit from their personal experiences.

The students were given the opportunity to ask the lecturers to learn how to start their business career, and how to overcome those obstacles and challenges, and how to achieve their business successes and highlight the skills that a business leader requires to succeed in his/her field, lecturers also provided advice to students from their personal experiences in entrepreneurship.

Participated in this series: Executive Director of VII Tech Solutions and Springring company Mohammed Ashoor and the Executive Director and co-founder of a Inagrab company Hussain Hajji and the Executive Director and Founder of The Nourishers Company Hamad Al- Saad and the Executive Director and Founder of a GOMYCODE Company Yihhi Buhalil from Tunisia, and Executive Director and Founder of Session Forward Company Mahish Kasiraji from Italy.