University of Bahrain’s Business Incubator Center Accepts Incubation Applications

The Business Incubator Center has announces accepting incubation applications by students and graduates with ideas to establish businesses, announcing the launch of a set of qualification workshops to help in developing and crystallizing the ideas to proceed forward with the establishment of the businesses.

The incubator had received many requests for registration to benefit from the programs and the events the incubator holds, noting that entrepreneurs from inside and outside Bahrain participate in their programs.

The incubation program contains a preparation stage preceding incubation, and an incubation stage where participants are provided with several benefits and services including guidance and counseling, connectivity with investors, the opportunity of marketing and participating in exhibitions, etc.

Dr. Esra Ahmed Wali, the Incubator Center’s director said “Many of the ideas have creative aspects. Moreover, some ideas aim to help society and consumers. Nevertheless, the excellent quality of the idea and its modernity does not necessarily mean its ability to become a business project as several factors control that.”

The incubator emphasized the importance of mastering skills needed to make the projects succeed, in addition to the skills of managing time, resources, and potential properly.

Besides, students were advised to take initiative and propose ideas, and never stop for too long in the waiting and hesitation station. Instead, to conduct market research, explore the needs of consumers, and go forward in implementing their ideas.

The Incubator promised to provide its best with guidance, consulting and advice to its members, as well as allowing them to benefit from the university’s equipment and facilities such as laboratories and halls as much as possible.