Within the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” summer program: Students Develop Mobile Applications and Websites

The Business Incubator Center’s students who were enrolled in the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” summer program created mobile applications and websites for their business ideas. The center hosted numerous specialists to assist students and discuss related best practices. 

Sayed Ali Alkamel, Android Developer in ila bank Bahrain, introduced students to simplified method and tools that will help them to create mobile applications for their startups. These tools do not require experience in IT which helped students from non-IT majors to create their business applications. He also emphasized on the importance of creating prototypes of mobile applications while promoting a startup’s products/services to determine their compatibility with customers’ needs prior to creating the final version of the application.

In addition, Ahmed Yousef, Development Manager in both VII Tech Solutions and Springring, provided students with simplified methods and tools that they could utilize to rapidly build their businesses’ websites.

Students were also provided with sessions on designing an attractive and engaging landing page for their startups and introduced to best practices on engaging and attracting customer. Students were also provided with ways to test their prototypes with their customers before proceeding to develop an advanced version of their website/mobile application. The sessions were delivered by Mohamed Ashoor, Co-Founder and CEO, Ahmed Yousef, Development Manager, and, Sabreen Bucheeri, Head of Design and Marketing, in VII Tech Solutions and Springring.