Participants in the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” summer program continue working on their business ideas

The Incubator Center hosted speakers during the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” summer program to discuss startups business and revenue models and shed light on setting up a business in Bahrain. The program hosted Khalifa AlMannai, Founder and Managing Director of AlMannaiTech and Evergo, who shared his personal experience in starting his businesses and how he went through the experience of modifying his business and revenue model to respond to changes in the market and customer’s preferences. 

The program also hosted three speakers from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism: Nawaf Almajed, Subah Aljalahma and Hassan Awadh to provide students with information on starting their businesses in Bahrain and the services provided by the Ministry. The speakers clarified the requirements of issuing a company registration (CR) and the different types of CRs provided for startups. The speakers also discussed the ministry’s services in protecting the intellectual property rights of startups and their businesses.

Moreover, the program hosted speakers, Sayed Mohammed Almajid, owner of and Mohammed Isa, Founder of “Axelerate academy” and “3D Speaking, who highlighted the importance of a brand and ways to attract customers to engage with businesses with minimal cost.